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Virtual Field Trip to Fauna Land

On 27 October until 5 November 2021, Kinderhouse Preschool & Kindergarten invites all students to join virtual field trip to Fauna Land, Ancol. It’s a wonderful experience to see many animals such as lion, monkey, horse, donkey, and many more. Fauna Land also showed us how to bathing a snake and feeding lions.

Kinderhouse Update


Open House for Academic Year 2022/2023

Let’s come and join Kinderhouse Preschool & Kindergarten OPEN HOUSE!🥳 Enjoy discount joining fee 50%* and lucky dip programme worth up to Rp 500.000,-* for new academic year 2022/2023.

Date : 21-22 Oct 2021 | 25-29 Oct 2021
Time : by appointment
School Branch : Mutiara Taman Palem, Citra Garden City 3, Taman Semanan Indah, Taman Permata Buana, Green Lake City, Citra Raya Cikupa.

More info please contact 0877-8382-9348.
Save the date and see you there!❤️

*T&C Apply

Kinderhouse Update


Primary School Partner for Elementary School Admission Academic Year 2022/2023

Kinderhouse Update


One Price for Online & Onsite School Programme

Come & Join Kinderhouse Family! In this pandemic situation, we are fully consider that this time is very challenging for the parents. To that matter, we have launched the one price for online & onsite school package*. It’s FREE Joining Fee, FREE Material Fee, FREE Online Trial and also FREE Learning Kit. Hurry up contact us here 0877-8382-9348 to book the limited seat!

Kinderhouse Update


How to Keep a Good Posture During Online Classes

Hi Parents,During the online classes, it is very important for every parents to understand the symptoms if any of the children may suffering from Servical syndrome or neck pain. It is also beneficial for parents, who we believe spend more time working in front of the computer.
So we would like to invite you to join our Afternoon Break Session :

Health Talk
“How to Keep a Good Posture During Online Classes”
👩🏻‍⚕‍ Speaker : Dr. Tetty MD Hutabarat, Sp. KFR & Syaepudin, S.Ft from SW Rehabilitation Centre

🗓️ Wednesday, 3 March 2021
⏰ 13:00–13:45

🗓️ Thursday, 4 March 2021
⏰ 13:00–13:45

There will be a door prize at the event 🎁
See you!

Kinderhouse Update


Discount 15%* at Prodia Laboratorium Klinik

Get discount up to 15% at Prodia @prodia_lab by showing Kinderhouse ID Card. Promo valid until October 2022.
*T&C apply.

Kinderhouse Update


Private Online Session

Wanna join our private online session? Where one on one learning condition is more effective to enhance the development of academic progress of the students. Contact our school to get the special offer, starting from Rp 550.000*/term.
*T&C Apply

Further information please contact :
Khs Taman Permata Buana – 081314785119
Khs Taman Semanan Indah – 087880358755
Khs Mutiara Taman Palem – 087770857897
Khs Green Lake City – 082299845137
Khs Taman Surya – 081219509380

Kinderhouse Update


New Academic Year 2021/2022

Disc 50% joining fee special for you♥️
We’re open registration for Academic Year 2021/2022 (start July 2021) for level Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1, and Kindergarten 2. Let’s join the fun with Kinderhouse🎉
Further information please contact :
Khs Taman Permata Buana – 081314785119
Khs Taman Semanan Indah – 087880358755
Khs Mutiara Taman Palem – 087770857897
Khs Green Lake City – 082299845137
Khs Taman Surya – 081219509380
Khs Citra Raya Cikupa – 081293482818

Kinderhouse Update


Amazing Culture

Last Saturday, 7 November 2020, Kinderhouse Preschool and Kindergarten invited several native speakers to fill the online class ‘Amazing Culture’. We have Mr. Gabriel Whacks Yeti from Solomon Islands, Miss Jo Dan from South Korea, and Mr. Paul Erdmann from Germany. Each class is 45 minutes long. We learn a lot about their countries, starting from the locations, government buildings, currency, foods, sports, and of course their cultures. The speakers also teach our students to count and sing birthday song in their language. It’s such a fun and interesting online class to cheer up our weekend.

Kinderhouse Update


Happy with Music

On 24 October 2020, students of Kinderhouse Taman Permata Buana, Mutiara Taman Palem and Citra Raya Cikupa held music session live via zoom led by Ms. Meilyani Sutanto from Genre Music School. The class divided into 3 session. Session 1 for Nursery 1 and 2, session 2 for Kindergarten 1, and session 3 for Kindergarten 2.

Class began with singing a song accompanied by piano, followed by learning about rhythm, types of musical instruments, and note symbol. All the students was very happy and enjoy the lesson.

How about the other school branches? Don’t worry kids, we will have another ‘Happy with Music’ on 5 December 2020 for Kinderhouse Green Lake City, Taman Semanan Indah, and Taman Surya. So, stay update by follow our Instagram account @kinderhouseid for more informations about our extra activities!

Kinderhouse Update


Weekend’s Fun Session

Yuk Mum n Dad, ajak buah hati mengisi hari weekend dengan kegiatan yang menyenangkan dan bermanfaat bersama Kinderhouse.
Sesi online learning ini akan membantu anak-anak agar tetap mendapatkan pembelajaran sesuai dengan usianya melalui material belajar yang sudah disiapkan oleh guru kami.

Usia 2-3 th (Kelas N1 jam 08.30)
Usia 3-4 th (Kelas N2 jam 10.00)
Durasi : +/- 60 menit

Penasaran sama kegiatannya?
Sabtu : Phonics dan Art & Crafts
Minggu : Mathematics dan Montessori/special activities

Informasi lebih lanjut bisa menghubungi Kinderhouse Head Office 0877-8382-9348 🤗

Kinderhouse Update


Open Registration for Academic Year 2021/2022

Open registration for academic year 2021/2022.
Joining fee discount 50% + additional anniversary promo IDR 1.300.000 until 20th September 2020.
Join now before it’s too late 🤗
Contact us for details 📞 087783829348

Kinderhouse Update


Kids Activities at Home

In this day and age, many parents resort to technology in order to keep their kids entertained and occupied, completely forgetting the benefits of arts and crafts. True, technology is very useful, and kids should be introduced to it, but it should never come at the expense of them playing and making things with their own hands. There are many benefits of arts and crafts that go beyond simply allowing your kids to express themselves in a more creative way. Take a look at some of student’s work at home.

Kinderhouse Update


Waktunya Mendongeng

Seiring perkembangan teknologi, kegiatan mendongeng saat ini nyaris dilupakan. Padahal, banyak manfaat yang bisa didapatkan anak-anak saat mendengarkan dongeng. Beberapa manfaatnya yaitu mengembangkan daya imajinasi, meningkatkan keterampilan berbahasa, serta meningkatkan minat baca.

Pada 4 September dan 11 September mendatang, Kinderhouse Preschool bersama Kak Hendra Bawole dari Ayo Dongeng Indonesia akan mengadakan sesi “Waktunya Mendongeng” untuk level K1 & K2.

4 September 2020
08.00 – 08.45 : Taman Surya dan Taman Semanan Indah
09.00 – 09.45 : Green Lake City
11 September 2020
08.00 – 08.45 : Taman Permata Buana dan Citra Raya Cikupa
09.00 – 09.45 : Mutiara Taman Palem

Kinderhouse Update


Kinderhouse’s Culture Session Led by Native Speakers (Educator)

Last Friday, August 7, we invite educators from several countries to led our culture session for nursery and kindergarten students via zoom meeting.

Mrs. Chika Yamada from Japan

Mr. Elmer Calio from The Philippines

Mrs. Meera Joseph from India

Ms. Penelope Bliss from United States

One of the positive things about online learning is that gives you the opportunity to learn about anything and anyone, anywhere in the world 🌎

Kinderhouse Update


Online Learning Kindergarten 2

Kinderhouse Update


Online Learning Kindergarten 1

Kinderhouse Update


Online Learning Nursery 2

Kinderhouse Update


Online Learning Nursery 1

Kinderhouse Update


Congratulations K2 Students Class of 2020!

This year more than 100 K2 students from Mutiara Taman Palem, Taman Surya, Taman Permata Buana, Taman Semanan Indah, and Green Lake City made it into primary 1 level. Congratulations on your graduation K2! Reach for the stars, spread your wings and fly. We’re so proud of you. Although this year celebration seems different because of pandemi, hopefully all learning process that you have been through at school remains memorable. Can’t wait to see you grow and shine!

Kinderhouse Update


Online Learning Programme Academic Year 2020/2021

Hi Mum & Dad, let’s join our Online Learning Programme for Academic Year 2020/2021. It’s gonna be a new fun home based learning for your children.
These are four learning method that will be applied during online learning programme for Academic Year 2020/2021.
💻 Zoom Meeting in small group
🎥 Tutorial video & referenced link (Montessori, Mandarin, Dance, Art & Crafts, etc)
🍎 Interactive programme
🎁 Treasure box, which contains learning books, teaching materials, art & crafts

You can see our teaser video about this learning programme by click this link

We only open for limited seats, so enroll now to get our SPECIAL PRICE.

More information please contact Kinderhouse Head Office.
📞 0877 83829348

Kinderhouse Update


Join Our Online School Programme

Saat ini kita semua sedang berusaha untuk melawan covid-19 dengan melakukan berbagai upaya seperti ‘social distancing’ dan ‘stay at home’. Artinya sebagian besar kegiatan, termasuk belajar mengajar akan dilakukan dirumah melalui kelas online.

Seperti yang kita ketahui, pendidikan anak pada saat golden age sangatlah penting dan tidak boleh terputus. Walaupun dirumah, rutinitas belajar tetap harus dijalankan agar saat sekolah tatap muka nanti, anak-anak tidak tertinggal dan tetap bisa bersosialisasi dengan guru dan teman.

Maka dari itu sekarang adalah saat yang tepat untuk mengikuti kelas online 😊

Mengapa harus ikut sekolah online kami?
Anak-anak akan terbagi menjadi grup-grup kecil saat online class, sehingga proses belajar mengajar menjadi lebih efektif. Kami menggunakan metode belajar interaktif agar belajar tetap terasa menyenangkan. Guru juga akan membagikan materi berupa video tutorial yang bisa dilakukan siswa didamping orang tua dirumah. Hal ini juga meningkatkan quality time antara orang tua dan anak 💙

Kinderhouse Update


Mengenal Gaya Belajar Anak

Setiap anak tentu memiliki kemampuan belajar yang berbeda-beda. Oleh sebab itu diperlukan pendekatan dan teknik pengajaran yang berbeda pula. Yuk kenali tipe belajar anak Anda 😊

Metode belajar online yang akan Kinderhouse jalankan pada tahun ajaran mendatang juga akan menggunakan pendekatan diatas.
💻 Zoom meeting dalam grup kecil
🎥 Video tutorial dan link referensi
🍎 Interactive programme
🎁 Treasure box berisikan learning materials

Menarik bukan? Langsung saja hubungi Kinderhouse Head Office di 087783829348 untuk penawaran spesialnya 😊

Kinderhouse Update


Thank you Kinderhouse Parents for Helping Them to get a Decent School

Berkat Bantuan Anda, Mereka Bisa Bersekolah 💙
Kami ingin mengucapkan banyak terima kasih kepada semua Parents Kinderhouse Preschool & Kindergarten karena sudah menjadi penyantun dana melalui program ASAK (Ayo Sekolah, Ayo Kuliah) tahun ajaran 2019/2020 yang dijalankan beberapa Gereja di Jakarta Barat.

Berkat kebaikan hati Anda, anak-anak tersebut bisa mendapatkan pendidikan yang layak dan tidak putus sekolah 🙏🏻

Kinderhouse Update


Fun Activities During Home Based Learning

Kinderhouse Update


Let’s Have Fun with Ice Cube

Let’s have fun with ice cube!❄️ Ice cube is never been this useful for sensory play. Just add some colours and your children are ready to use it as painting media.

This is a unique and fun way to get children to paint. They will love creating vibrant colours and mixing to make new colours. Have fun!🤗

Kinderhouse Update


Let’s Have Fun with Colours and Shapes

Sorting colours is a great activity to develop fine motor control, coordination, and concentration.
Simply prepare some paper colours and try matching things with the same colours.

Sort the shapes and stick to the correct pictures. This activity is aplicable for children under 3 years old.
Lets learn through playing!

Kinderhouse Update


Home Learning Programme

We are staying at home due to Covid-19

But the learning process keep going! Dont missed our home learning programme to make you keep active and fun while staying at home.

Its ‘parent-child bonding time’. Spend time with your loved one and our teachers will guide you step by step. Lets fight together for this COVID-19 and dont make your children STOP learning because of this!

Kinderhouse Update


Practice Life Skills According to Child’s Age

Mum and Dad lagi #dirumahaja? Daripada bingung dan bosan, yuk ajak si kecil latihan keterampilan hidup sesuai usianya!

Kinderhouse Update


How to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Kamu bisa loh mencegah penularan Covid-19 mulai dari diri sendiri. Bagaimana kah caranya?

Pernah mendengar tentang self-isolation atau isolasi diri? Siapa saja yang bisa melakukan isolasi diri? Untuk jangka waktu berapa lama? Dan apa saja yang harus dilakukan saat isolasi diri?

Kamu juga pernah mendengar tentang pengawasan diri? Siapa saja yang bisa melakukan pengawasan diri? Dan jangka waktu nya berapa lama?

Lalu bagaimanakah cara meningkatkan sistem imun tubuh?

Yuk simak infografis berikut ini, simpan dan share kepada orang terdekat ya!

Kinderhouse Update


Field Trip to Scientia Square Park

On March 2020, Kinderhouse Preschool & Kindergarten does field trip activities for students. This activity is certainly exciting and fun. Students gain new experience and knowledge in Scientia Square Park, BSD.

The students are divided to several small groups accompany by teachers and local tour guide. See a variety of turtles, feed koi fish and listen to an explanation of the history of koi fish, riding a buffalo, look at the process of metamorphosis and cultivation of butterflies, seeing the love bird, feed the cute rabbits, and many more.

Kinderhouse Update


Valentine’s Promo

Enjoy joining fee disc up to 50%* + additional disc up to IDR 500.000* or free uniform on this Valentine’s moment.
♥️ Especially for Kinderhouse Citra Raya Cikupa, get additional disc up to IDR 1.500.000*
Spread this love with your precious one.
Period : 3-14 February 2019
*T&C Apply

Kinderhouse Update


Lucky Angpao Programme

Welcoming Chinese New Year 2020 with Kinderhouse Preschool & Kindergarten!
Find your lucky angpao from our lucky tree to get additional discount up to IDR 500.000* or free uniform*.
Especially for Kinderhouse Citra Raya Cikupa, enjoy additional discount up to IDR 1.500.000*.
*T&C Apply

Terms & Conditions
– Promo Period : 20 – 31 January 2021
– New students may only take 1 lucky angpao
– Promo can be combined with BCA Installment and on going joining fee discount
– Specifically for Kinderhouse Green Lake City, BCA Installment is not applicable
– Specifically for Parents Get Parents (PGP) promo, new students must choose between lucky angpao programme or PGP, cannot be combined
– Promo valid for registration of new students in Academic Year 2019/2020 and 2020/2021

More information please contact us.
Taman Permata Buana
Jl. Pulau Laki IV Blok K6/15

Taman Semanan Indah
Jl. Dharma Kencana Blok A/26

Mutiara Taman Palem
Ruko Miami Blok B/12E

Taman Surya
Taman Surya 3 Blok K1/39

Green Lake City
Ruko Colloseum No. 57 & Ruko Colombus No. B15

Citra Raya Cikupa
Ruko Grand Boulevard Blok E01/132 & E01/136

Feel free to drop by or contact our School Administrator.

Kinderhouse Update


Open Registration for Academic Year 2020/2021

Don’t miss your chance to enroll your children with our special offer, discount up to 50%* for joining fee also enjoy 3 months 0% installment exclusive for BCA Credit Card Holder*, and your kids can have Kinderhouse class trial for FREE!

Feel free to drop by or contact our School Administrator.
*t&c apply

Kinderhouse Update


KinderNewsletter 8th Edition (Jun-Dec 2019)

Kinderhouse Update


Get Various Benefits from Our Partners

Kinderhouse Update


Christmas Performance

What a wonderful Christmas performance by all students of Kinderhouse Taman Permata Buana, Green Lake City, Taman Semanan Indah, Taman Surya, and Mutiara Taman Palem. Performance located at main atrium PIK Avenue, North Jakarta, on 7 & 8 December 2019. All the students sing and dance using their best costume accompanied by Christmas Songs. It was a great way to celebrate a holiday season. Congratulations to all students and teachers for another wonderful performance!

Kinderhouse Update


Kinderhouse Citra Raya Cikupa Students Performance

Place : Eco Plaza Citra Raya Cikupa
Date : 1 December 2019
Theme : My Senses
Activity : Singing, dancing, poem

Kinderhouse Update


National Teacher’s Day

On 25th November, Kinderhouse celebrated National Teacher’s Day. In this event, parents had the opportunity to lead the sessions in classes, such as story-telling, art & craft, cooking, dance, and science experiments. The event went well and enjoyed by all, full of excitement and happiness. We are truly grateful towards our teachers for their continuous effort to strive for the betterment of our students. We also thank the Parents for making this day a memorable one.

Kinderhouse Update


Nurturing Independence Skills from a Young Age

Nurturing independence skills from an early age is very important to form a good personality in the future. Maria Montessori believes that experiencing independence is part of an individual’s social skills, self-reliance allows the child to feel they have control over their life. To support the great ideas, we held the parenting seminars hosted by experienced psychologists that shared about ways to encourage children’s independence skills.

In October, Kinderhouse cooperated with Kodomo Challenge held the sessions for our students discussing about the importance of keeping our hands clean and how to clean them properly; and the knowledge about earthquake and how to react if it happens.

Kinderhouse Update


How to Teach Manners using Montessori Principles ?

Maria Montessori believed young children have a deep sense of dignity and want to do the right thing. You can use Montessori techniques to teach your child how to do the right thing. Here are some Montessori principles you can use at home to teach manners.

Emphasize practical life activities to help your child develop order, concentration, control, and independence.
This will give your child the grace of movement and inner discipline needed to master etiquette skills.

Teach a specific manners lesson by demonstrating the proper behavior, breaking down the lesson into distinct steps.
If you want your child to say, “It’s nice to meet you,” when meeting an adult, for example, you should demonstrate exactly how to do that.

Give your child opportunities to practice the manners lesson.
You could use role playing, where you pretend to introduce your child to a friend of yours at the grocery store.

Avoid criticizing your child or embarrassing your child in public if he or she doesn’t have the maturity or necessary repetition to perform the etiquette technique properly.

If you see that your child has difficulty performing an etiquette technique consistently and needs more practice, review the lesson at a later time.
You could demonstrate the lesson again, adding a new detail such as shaking hands. Or you could have a discussion about “the best thing to say when meeting an adult.” You could also use another pretend situation for more role play about what to say when meeting an adult.

As you work on teaching your child good manners, remember the repetition in important at this age. Be sure to continue to plan lessons and opportunities that foster their growth, and you can look forward to watching as your child develops grace and kindness as they mature.

Source :

Kinderhouse Update


Celebrated United Nations Day

As part of our School’s mission to prepare students to be leaders today and tomorrow, we value and cherish our individuality and uniqueness whilst still respecting the different of others. Our United Nations Day celebration brought this understanding of respect, harmony and peace to the forefront as students and teachers. During the event, our students wore their International Costumes which showcased and highlighted the different cultures from around the world.

Kinderhouse Update


Parenting Seminar with Kodomo Challenge

Come & Join Us!
Parenting seminar held by Kinderhouse Preschool in collaboration with Kodomo Challenge Indonesia. This seminar will be led by a psychologist who is an expert in children and parenting. Please find the schedule below.

Green Lake City : 12 October 2019
Mutiara Taman Palem : 19 October 2019
Taman Permata Buana : 26 October 2019
Taman Semanan Indah : 2 November 2019
Taman Surya : 16 November 2019

Contact out school administrator to register. This seminar is free of charge, so what are you waiting for? 🙂

Kinderhouse Update


Open House 2019/2020

Let’s come and join Kinderhouse Open House! Get discount joining fee up to 50% + additional Kinderhouse Anniversary discount up to 30%. Also bring your friends and get more discount for you.

Date : 31 August 2019
Time : 09.00 – 12.00
Taman Semanan Indah | 0878-8035-8755
Activity : Mum & Tots Class, Montessori, Art & Craft, Interactive Learning
Taman Surya | 0812-1950-9307
Activity : Dance Class
Citra Raya Cikupa | 0812-9348-2818
Activity : Pottery Decoration Class

Date : 7 September 2019
Time : 09.00 – 12.00
Taman Permata Buana | 0813-1478-5119
Acitivity : Cooking Class
– Mutiara Taman Palem | 0878-8158-5870
Activity : Pottery Decoration Class
Green Lake City | 0822-9984-5137
Activity : Origami Class

Kinderhouse Update


Family Fun Day

On 16th and 19th August, Kinderhouse Preschool & Kindergarten celebrated Family Fun Day in commemoration of 74 years Indonesia Independence Day. Celebration began with singing the national anthem, Indonesia Raya, then continued with fun activities for students and parents. Everyone were really excited to be part of the games. To complete the day, all participants enjoyed the potluck party. It was such a joy to see that everyone had a great time celebrating this wonderful day.

Kinderhouse Update


Charity for Eid al-Adha 2019

Kinderhouse Update


Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is anxiety children experience when they’re separated from a primary caregiver. They become upset when the parent begins to leave the room or hands them off to someone else. They may to clamor back into your arms or cling to your legs.

Separation anxiety is a normal part of development and happens with most children at toddler and nursery stage. It’s around this stage of development that we start noticing separation anxiety.

How can parents ease their child’s anxiety and help him comfortable in school without them?

Maintain as much normalcy and consistency in the child’s routine, providers, diet, and environment.
This is very important if there has been a significant change in his life, such as having a new sibling.

Try your best not to express your own worry.
Show that you confident enough to leave him in school to be with his friends, in the care of the teachers.

Be sure you tell him good-bye.
Sneaking out can be confusing and it’s good for him to see he has nothing to worry about.

Acknowledge his feelings.
“Bryan, I can see you are sad and don’t want mommy to leave. I have to go, but I will see you when I get off work today.”
Reassure your child that what he is experiencing is normal. Offer him a loving gesture, even if it’s brief.

Is there a way to prevent separation anxiety?
It’s a few things you can do to ease the length or severity :

Prepare him for upcoming changes by talking, reading books, and drawing pictures. Let him know what to expect.

Allow babies and toddlers to spent time with other adults, especially relatives and caregiver.

Allow the child to meet new teachers and visit new classrooms before he will be dropped off.

Establish a routine and as much consistency as possible. This helps him to have a visual of what he will experience and mentally prepared.

Kinderhouse Update


Graduation Class of 2018/2019

Congratulations to all Kindergarten 2 students class of 2018/2019. It’s time to move on to the next stage of your journey. All the lessons and laughter will be such a wonderful memories for us. Your mountain is waiting, so get find your way. If you can dream it, you can do it!

Kinderhouse Graduation Class of 2019
Graduation Theme : REACH OUR DREAM
Place : CNI Creative Building, Puri Indah, West Jakarta
Date : 25 May 2019
Graduated : 83 Students
School Branches : Mutiara Taman Palem, Taman Semanan Indah, Taman Permata Buana, Green Lake City
Supported by : Cleo, Teh Pucuk Harum, Pepsodent, English First, Prodia

Kinderhouse Update


Opening Soon : Kinderhouse Citra Raya Cikupa

We have good news for you, Parents! We will open soon our 6th branch of Kinderhouse Preschool & Kindergarten at Citra Raya, Cikupa, Banten in early July 2019. Just like our other school branches, we open classes for children aged 1 to 6 years based on Montessori curriculum and combined with an Indonesian curriculum.

We provide a warm, friendly and homey classroom situation where every children feels like a valued member of the Kinderhouse family. We build a relationship based on trust and respect.

We have special promotion for 20 first students who sign up now. Enjoy 70% discount joining fee from our normal price! Only valid for new students at Kinderhouse Citra Raya Cikupa.

School Location : Ruko Grand Boulevard Business District Blok E 01/132 and 01/136, Citra Raya, Cikupa, Banten.
Phone : 0812-9348-2818
Email :

Instagram : @kinderhousecrc

Kinderhouse Update


Kinderhouse Celebrate Kartini’s Day

This morning, the school atmosphere is different from the usual day. Students from Nursery to Kindergarten are wearing various clothes, such as batik and traditional costume that represent culture from certain regions. Why? Because today, 22rd April 2019, we celebrate Kartini’s Day!

The teachers don’t want to be outdone by the students. They also wear regional clothes from various regions in Indonesia. The event began with a costume parade around school area, singing folk songs, story telling about R.A Kartini, and making art & craft.

Commemorate Kartini’s Day is not about wearing traditional clothes, but it is a moment to introduce culture to the next generation and preserve Indonesia’s cultural richness. Many message were conveyed through the struggle that had been built by a young Kartini during her lifetime.

Kinderhouse Update


Kinderhouse Taman Permata Buana Goes to Miniapolis Playground

We as an educator definitely want our students to stay active while having fun and learning something new. Not only is being active good for your children’s health, it’s also perfect for training their motor and sensory skills. So, on Tuesday, 16th April 2019, toddler and nursery students of Kinderhouse Taman Permata Buana went to Miniapolis Playground, Lippo Mall Puri for a small trip.

Besides have a full day of playing some exciting games, children also learn to be more patience and discipline while waiting for their turn, play alternately, also mingle with new friends. These are several ways to forming good character of children from an early age.

Kinderhouse Update


Kinderhouse Preschool Open House March 2019

Hi, Moms and Dads!
You are cordially invited to our OPEN HOUSE.
🗓 Saturday, 30th March 2019
⏰ 09.00 AM – 12.00 PM

We’ll take you to see our class environment and many exciting activities for your children, such as science projects, art & craft, montessori’s room practice, cooking,and many more! We’ll also have ICE CREAM PARTY for you to enjoy.

Don’t miss your chance to enroll your children with our special offer, discount up to 50%* and lucky dip up to 1 mio*, also enjoy 3 months 0% installment exclusive for BCA Credit Card Holder* and your kids can have Kinderhouse class trial for FREE!

More information please contact us :
– Taman Permata Buana (0813-1478-5119)
– Taman Semanan Indah (0878-8035-8755)
– Mutiara Taman Palem (0878-8158-5870)
– Green Lake City (0822-9984-5137)
– Citra Garden City 6 (0812-1950-9308)

Feel free to drop by and see you there 😊
*Terms & Conditions Apply

Kinderhouse Update


Toddler & Nursery Field Trip to Jakarta Aquarium

On Thursday, 6th March 2019, toddler and nursery students of Kinderhouse went to Jakarta Aquarium for field trip. This is a great location for develop vocabulary through identification. They also get a chance to learn different aquatic species, their habitats and behavior. It also encourage them the importance of looking after the environment and caring for animals.










Kinderhouse Update


Kindergarten Field Trip to Taman Budaya Sentul

The kindergarten classes, year of 2018/2019, recently went on a field trip to Taman Budaya Sentul on 5th March 2019. The purpose of this field trip is to enhance self development, social and emotional development, teamwork and leadership outside the classroom. The students are engaged into outbound training activities and outbound games that gives a great learning experience also improve organisational learning needs.

All activities safely prepared for kids aged 4 years and above, such as log step, flying fox, bridge net, walk over the high ropes, big slider, balance beam, tarzan swing, and etc. Even though it was a rainy morning, the children were very excited to tried all the activities.









Kinderhouse Update


How to Help Toddlers Become Independent the Montessori Way

“The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one’s self.” – Maria Montessori

In the Philippines, where many households are blessed with additional helping hands in the form of nannies, grandparents, aunts and uncles, it’s possible for children to grow up not knowing how to do basic household chores and self-care activities.

After all, as infants, there’s always someone to help tie their shoes, feed them and put their clothes on them. As they grow up, they see that they don’t have to wash the dishes that they’ve used, make the bed that they’ve slept on and clean the room that they’ve messed up with their toys and books.

But children need to learn how to do things for themselves in order to be able to navigate life in the future, to learn that they can take care of themselves, others and their surroundings. We don’t want them to grow up helpless and dependent on other people for even the smallest of things.

Certainly, we don’t want to live with young adults who let dirty dishes pile up high on the kitchen counter, waiting for you, the mom, to come home tired from work to do it because there’s no “Ate” or “Yaya” around.

What can we do about it?

Start them young

We don’t want to wait for our children to become resistant tweens and teenagers before we start teaching and training them to care for themselves and to help around the house. In fact, Maria Montessori, said that we could already teach life skills to very young children.

Former Montessori teacher and school owner Mars Medina, for one, takes inspiration from the popular educational approach in raising her 18-month old daughter. She quotes Montessori in saying that the educational method’s Practical Life work is about “help to life,” or helping children thrive within a family, culture, society and life.

Mars, who encourages parents to make simple yet purposeful Montessori-inspired activities and materials for their children in her blog Montessori On Mars, says that from Maria Montessori’s teachings, “It is clear that the work should start at the beginning of life.

Newborns are given opportunities to discover their new world, unrestrained, in a floor bed or movement mat. Infants are given materials that they can use to practice refining their grasp, which help them explore their environment.”

As children develop their gross and fine motor skills, Mars says that parents can already set up activities that will help their kids gain independence and confidence.

Most will be surprised to see toddlers as young as 18 months old pouring their own drink, making their own snack and dressing themselves up because they have been given the opportunity to “work” within an environment suitable to their capabilities.

Teaching little ones how to do things for themselves

Everyone, little kids or big grownups, learn how to do something by actually doing it, trying their hand it, and not just by reading or hearing about it. It is then important for us to give our children the opportunity to do things on their own.

There are two ideas that we must remember: model and practice. Mars shares, “Allowing them to be around us while we do chores and other things around the house, doing things with them instead of to them is the first step. Model and children will naturally want to do the same things by themselves.” Yes, we have to do things for ourselves too!

From a Montessori perspective, it is important to provide children with an environment that they can easily manage so that they can move on to the next step, which is practicing what they have seen or what have been modeled to them. But it’s not easy to practice something when everything is too big for you to hold or even out of reach.

This is where setting up your home to be accessible to your child comes in.

Preparing a child-friendly environment
Mars has set up their home much like a Montessori classroom, that is, in a way that gives their 18-month-old daughter access to as many things as possible.

“If she wants a snack, she can get from a low kitchen drawer; if she wants water, she can pour into a glass on a low table; if she needs to clean up a spill, she can get a mop or a rag that are hung low; if she needs to wear her shoes, they’re in a basket beside a low stool she can sit on as she wears her shoes.”

toddler doing chores

Mars laughs at the number of times that she said the word “low.” She also emphasizes, however, that things should not only be within a child’s reach (yes, low) and in their proper places.

Everything should also be size-appropriate for easy handling and safety. Imagine holding a pitcher that’s much too heavy and big for you!

Preparing a child-friendly environment at home, with access and assigned places for things, means not getting worried that your child will fall trying to climb stools and chairs to get something hanging way up high.

In setting up your home to be friendly to your child, Mars says, he will be “free to explore her environment and try things on her own rhythm and pace.”

toddler doing chores

In their home, Mars involves her daughter in work around the house. She shares on her Instagram and Facebook accounts inspiring photos and videos of her toddler mopping, arranging flowers, making herself juice and pouring it into her glass.

“When she sees me mop, you can bet that she will get her small mop as well. When we’re outside tending to the garden, she’ll also water the plants — filling up a small watering can with water she gets, with a small beaker, from a pail. She’s always where the action is, so to speak; where the work is, that’s where we are.”

Household helpers and eager grandparents are a blessing, no doubt about it. But we should also be mindful of how being helped too much will affect our children’s capacity and desire to work and do things on their own.

As parents, our role is to guide and teach our children, and we will be able to do that by modeling and giving them the opportunity to actually do things, make mistakes and learn.

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