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Our Classes


Nursery 1 (2-3 years)

Children are becoming increasingly independent. They start to learn Montessori ground rules and respond to simple directions. They started to learn letters, sounds, colors, shapes, and objects.

Nursery 2 (3-4 years)

At this period, children become increasingly capable of analyzing the world around them in more complex ways. They learn by observing and listening to instructions.

Kindergarten 1 (4-5 years)

Children become better in all areas of development and their senses, too. This is a period when they are able to solve a problems, read, write, and do other creative activities.

Kindergarten 2 (5-6 years)

Children will learn how to share and cooperate, to work together and take turns, to participate in group activities and follow simple directions, and to communicate wants and needs. This basic activities are important to prepare going to primary school.